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anabolic – in reference to muscle, a net increase in muscle protein

catabolic – in reference to muscle, a net decrease in muscle protein

concentric – shortening of a muscle during contraction

eccentric – lengthening of a muscle during contraction

hyperplasia – increase in cell number

hypertrophy – increase in cell size

isometric – no change in muscle length during a contraction

mitochondria – is an organelle (“little organ”) found within cells and is involved in generating ATP via aerobic processes

muscle fiber – also known as a myofiber; is the multinucleated cell of skeletal muscle

myoblast – an immature muscle cell containing a single nucleus

myogenesis – the development of new muscle tissue, esp. its embryonic development

satellite cell – are the cells responsible in part for the repair of injured fibers, the addition of myonuclei to growing fibers, and for the formation of new muscle fibers.


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