Does your technology work for you or do you work for it? We can help you put your tech to work for you and better understand your health data and the story it tells. It’s your story and you should be it’s author. Perhaps you have a smart watch but don’t know what all the data means or how it relates over time? This is where we can be of great service and help you.

We can help groups and individuals find and create the best technology solutions to create and sustain long term health and vitality. Our solutions have the ongoing data to inform and validate your “best practices”


We are not advocates of any specific diet or rigid nutritional regimens. We do love and enjoy food and would love to help you and or your organization find sound eating strategies that are sustainable and help meet your objectives. We believe eating should be enjoyable, social and not too restrictive or create anxiety.

Injury and Pain

These are inevitable in life but can be managed very effectively with the right approach. There are a whole series of physical therapy based exercises to address most physical injuries and sources of pain. Exercise alone is often not enough by itself to fix or remediate a particular condition. This is where the “art”comes into play. Discovering the source and multidisciplinary approach to developing long term strategies is the source of our expertise. Each person will have some combination of strategies that make up their own “Best Practices”.