How do you select a Coach, a Trainer, a Physical Therapist or a Gym? Generally we rely on word of mouth or perhaps first impressions. We believe that the relationship you have with your providers is as important as the skills and service they provide.

Myonetwork is a platform that allows you to search and interact with providers before you engage in a financial commitment. The platform allows you to interact, learn and test them out before making a financial commitment.

Providers often lack access to the regular marketing channels, either because they lack social media knowledge or general marketing skills. Myonetwork solves these problems joining you benefit from the work and content of all providers. It serves as a marketing coop of sorts that allows each provider to showcase their skills and impress the world with their genius.

The current was intended as a beta site, thus not up to snuff Burt any provider that joins this free site will receive 6 months free on the formalized version and if you post content and begin serving the public you will gain priority status in searches for your area.Nothing to lose and everything to gain, so please jump in and help someone.