Travel Module Exercise Stretches


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Knee to Chest Back Stretch

Lay on back, legs extended.
Grab one knee, pulling knee towards chest with arms.
Repeat on opposite side, feeling stretch through glutes and lower back.


Modified Hurdler Room

Sit on floor with one leg extended in front of body, toe up. Place other foot against inside of thigh.
Lean forward from waist.
Reach with opposite arm to maximize stretch.


Knee Rollover

Lay face up on floor with shins at 90 degrees and feet together.
Roll both legs to one side.
Feel stretch across lower back. Notice potential differences between sides.


Groin Stretch

Sit on floor with feet together.
Let knees fall towards floor.
The closer you bring your feet to body, the greater the stretch.


Piriformis Stretch

Lay on back and cross one leg at the ankle to the knee of opposite leg.
Grab behind the knee of leg with foot on floor, pull knee towards chest.
Repeat on opposite side, feeling stretch through glutes, hips, and lower back.


Standing Hamstring Stretch

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
Bend over and touch toes.
Bend knees slightly and eel stretch in hamstrings.



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