Most people have some sort of activity tracker, smart watch, or certainly smart phone, nearly everyone has an Electronic Medical Record (EMR). How much of the data that is collected do you have direct control over? How do you benefit from the collection and storage of all this health data? Who owns your data and what is it used for?

Myostats solves all of these questions and problems by putting the user in control of their own data. The user is financially rewarded for the data they collect, the more data the more the rewards. Since the users of technology are often times the product through their data, we believe the user should be the one that benefits and has ultimate control.

Think about how valuable a persons credit score is and how it is supposed to be an indicator   of a persons financial health. We are turning your health and fitness data into a similar type of scoring system where the user is educated on what they need to do to improve their respective score. The same principles hold true for improving Performance and Fitness. We are developing a similar scoring system and feedback for performance.

These scoring systems will give each user deep insight into their own Heart and performance allowing them to make better and more informed decisions. Please check out for more information, early registrants will receive VIP status and extra benefits.